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Environmental Claims Management

Tergeo’s environmental response, investigation and remediation services are tailored to the needs of our clients and those affected by pollution events. We have built our reputation on agility, experience and technical focus. We never forget our role and the requirements of our clients and the role we play in managing pollution incidents.

We understand the need for rapid response and decisive, pragmatic decision-making. Our staff quickly judge the severity of losses and ensure site situations are controlled from the outset. We are confident in our abilities to deliver effective results as our projects are managed by experienced senior staff and project managers who have gained significant experience in the field, managing oil losses and pollution incidents for commercial clients, local authorities and the insurance industry. The Tergeo team has an enviable track record of successfully managing property, agriculture, retail, liability, chemical and vehicle claims from domestic to complicated, large scale incidents, including those where national media have been involved.

Financial costs of environmental insurance claims can be high and those impacted can face significant upheaval and stress.

At Tergeo we believe experience is a key function of our success in managing pollution incidents through their whole life cycle, from the time of the loss through to verification and completion.

Core insurance capabilities and services include:

Incident and Spill Response:

• Assess and manage leaking tanks and lines, setting up temporary tanks where required;
• First person attendance for ongoing spills;
• Set up and operate temporary vapour extraction units; and
• Inland surface water spill services.

Consultancy Services:

• Liability investigations – determining the cause and fault of complicated losses;
• Initial site investigation services – determine and understand the extent and severity of contamination;
• Complex investigations – utilisation of drilling services or intrusive building investigations;
• Remediation options and appraisal – design, propose and implement the most pragmatic and effective remediation solution;
• Validation – confirm remediation and restoration works have successfully reduced identified risks; and
• Site completion – project closure.

Remediation, Restoration and Testing:
• Pressure testing oil installations
• Ground stabilisation
• Excavation and disposal
• Vapour extraction from ground and buildings
• Direct injection chemical oxidants
• Bio treatment
• Internal building construction
• Carbon trench installation
• Oil water separators
• Pump and treat groundwater system

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