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Working in partnership with Insolvency Practitioners (IPs), the team at Tergeo are ideally placed to enable and assist IP’s to extract the greatest value for the benefit of creditors by minimising environmental costs, and where requested, enabling IP’s to release value from what are often considered potentially ‘blighted’ or ‘toxic’ property assets.

The team utilise their deep knowledge of manufacturing, industrial, chemical and pharmaceutical facilities to support non-technical insolvency teams in efficiently and rapidly understanding the quantum of environmental liabilities associated with an insolvent asset or ongoing business. Further to this, where it is intended to trade the business out of insolvency, we offer as-needed environmental and implementation support to mitigate liability concerns in addition to achieving or maintaining environmental compliance, while minimising operational costs to the insolvent company.

Core insolvency practitioner support services include:

• Facility Closure, Decontamination, Decommissioning & Divestment (CD3)
• Environmental Liability Assessment, Mitigation & Cost Estimation
• Environmental Regulator Engagement
• Compliance & Duty of Care Audits
• Compliance Monitoring & Support
• Environmental Advisory

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