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Bulk Petroleum Fuels Storage & Distribution, UK:
Insolvency Case Study

The Challenge

A leading regional bulk petroleum storage and distribution business had been placed into administration. As part of the initial assessment, the Insolvency Practitioner (IP) had concluded that the focus of initial works was to preserve business value with the aim of selling the business as an ongoing concern. It was concluded that the most likely route to achieving this goal was by creating certainty regarding the potentially significant environmental liabilities known to be present at many of the operational sites.

Our Experts Approach

Over a 10 week window ,desk and baseline environmental assessments were completed, with the our expert working with the IP to prioritise sites for assessment based on the likelihood of their sale as individual or groups of business units. Works completed included a detailed review of active and historical operational practices, compliance record and environmental site sensitivity. The required due diligence pack and environmental liability advice was successfully delivered ahead of time, and on budget.


Effective, responsive, as required insolvency compliance due diligence services enabling the successful sale of ten operational units as an ongoing concern.

Project Details

Bulk Petroleum Fuels Storage & Distribution, UK

Services provided by our experts 

  • Desk Study Review & Prioritisation
  • Site Inspection & EDD Assessment
  • Baseline Soil & Groundwater Assessment
  • Hazardous Building Material Surveys
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Project Management

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