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Kerosene (014) - Environmental Claims Management Case Study

The Challenge

The householder identified a leak from their oil tank following a delivery. 750 litres of kerosene had been lost to the ground. Contamination migrated from the source below and into the residential property and via the site drainage out onto the road and into the watercourse.

Our Experts Approach

Our team of experts quickly implemented an investigation strategy to confirm the extent of kerosene contamination, establishing that contamination had spread into the garden area, beneath the building and into nearby drainage.
Having identified the presence of kerosene in a nearby stream and pond, the team implemented an effective pollution management response whilst also continuing to investigate the extent and cause of the loss.
Contamination was identified to have migrated around the footings of the building. The older sections of the building lacked footings therefore an underpinning scheme was implemented.


  • Minimised environmental pollution and damage.
  • Rapid investigation and delineation of kerosene impacts.
  • Full remediation of the building to pre-loss conditions.

Project Details

Kerosene (014)

Services provided by our experts 

  • Soil & Building Contamination Investigation & Assessment
  • Incident Response
  • Surface Water Course Clean-up
  • Regulator Engagement & Management
  • Project Management

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